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Hi there, let me shortly introduce myself. My Name is Daniel J. Werner and I currently live in Ludwigsburg (Germany). I study Business Informatics at the automotive company Porsche because I'm interested in computer programming since primary school and in the past 10 years I was able to stack a lot of experience in private and business related projects in the field of artificial intelligence, in the communication-area (business collaboration tools) and in infrastructure/integration solutions. My favourite project approach is to combine technical cutting-edge innovations with a new way of thinking in the real world. I really enjoy working with languages like Java and Python, but in my opinion it also very important to code with hardware-orientated, low-level languages like Verilog or VHDL, to get a feeling of what is going on underneath of the high level processes. It also enables you to develop own low-level architectures, a skill hat is highly needed in all kinds of AI related research. So to keep things short, I really enjoy building complex technical things that improves the life quality of others and that I can use by myself.

Skills & Abilities

Deployment of information systems for businesses
Machine-Learning (Neural Networks, Frameworks)
Parallel Programming (Verilog, CUDA)
Web-Development (HTML5, CSS, PHP)
Network-Technology (Microsoft Windows Server, Routing)

My Specialities

Artificial Intelligence

Machine-Learning, Neural Networks, Data-Analytics


Java, Python, PHP


Parallel Processing, FPGA, Verilog

IT/Business Consulting

Startups, Strategic Analysis, CRM, Infrastructure

Education & Jobs

Jun 2017 - Sept 2017 Porsche Machine Data Analytics to develop concepts for predictive Maintenance Ludwigsburg, Germany
Jan 2017 - Apr 2017 Porsche Machine Data Analytics with Deep-Neuronal-Networks Ludwigsburg, Germany
Oct 2016 - Oct 2019 Studying "Business Informatics" @Porsche DHBW-Stuttgart, Germany
Sept 2013 - July 2016 Abitur Technisches Gymnasium Backnang, Germany

Language Skills


Hobbies & Interests

  • Programming
  • Research
  • Writing
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Travel
  • Chill
  • Nature

Conscious Subconsciousness

8 Jan, 2017

Does the brain cloud computing? A quantum perspective on learning

Why the brain could be a big cloud computer and why we wouldn’t see it: A theory about quantum grid learning

If we speak about the quantum world, we enter a place with infinite possibilities. Particles spin in infinite directions at once (superpositon) and wouldn’t that be enough, they are also able to interact with each other instantly over infinite distances. In a human mind state this is..

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